About me

Cut and dry:

I’ve been freelancing for the past 10+ years, working on packaging, catalogs, advertising, and general Photoshop work (clipping, color correcting, retouching, etc…) I’ve worked with clients ranging from the toy industry to seafood to cosmetics.

I have extensive experience and expertise in many types of print design ranging from retail, food and cosmetic packaging to catalog design to trade show display design. I am an expert user in Illustrator and Photoshop. I pride myself on creating extensible artwork that is easily manipulated by a team while at the same time upholding and maintaining the quality of the artwork.

My experience includes freelancing for various clients as well as several years as a packaging designer in the in-house design department at a toy company. There, I was responsible for everything from die line creation (in Illustrator) to checking the print proofs when they came in from China, Taiwan and India. I created multiple line-looks as well as many packages based on line-looks created by others. Many times I was in charge of line-looks that had to be applied across a wide variety of package types, from blister card to hang tag to clamshell. I also was responsible for a great deal of bespoke packaging created for merchants such as Target, Cost Plus and The National Archive Experience (among many others.) In addition to packaging, I was also involved in the production of multiple catalogs.

Thanks for your interest.